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Practice Areas

Public Adjuster Contracts & Disputes & Home Repair & Remodeling

I represent about 50 public adjusters and their related construction companies. I provide them with good public adjuster and home repair and remodeling contracts that comply with all relevant laws and regulations. I represent them in disputes with insureds, home owners, lenders, and insurance companies.

Insurance Company Disputes & Declaratory Judgment/Bad Faith Actions

Often disputes arise between insurance companies and their insureds. These disputes often result in litigation. Insurance dispute litigation is a specialized form of contract litigation. Complex insurance policy language usually controls, but this language has been tempered and limited in many cases by extensive “case law”, i.e., court decisions rendered which have protected insureds and limited insurance company overreaching.

Mechanics Lien & Bond Claims & Related Litigation

Whether it is in the area of Mechanics Liens, Payment Bond Claims, Public Adjuster Contracts or Insurance Policy disputes, I have been engaged in litigation for 39 years in all Cook County Courts, and those of all surrounding counties.

General Construction Contract Litigation

I represent owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in all aspects of mechanics liens, payment bond claims and litigation regarding said claims and contract litigation.

Bond Claim

Public lien claims, which are against public funds as opposed to the public property itself, only attach to money "due or to become due" to the contractor directly above you. If backcharges, defaults or other problems result in there being no funds "due or to become due" the contractor immediately above you, then your public lien claim will be worthless. Public payment bonds and bond claims have been developed to fill this gap.

Anthony G. Suizzo

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